Class 2 New/Renewal


ECG (if required)




Cabin crew (note additional CAA)


Cancellation or No show: if less than 14 days  


Case work may incur additional fees eg. Advice over the phone, skype or email is charged at £25 per quarter hour or part there, with minimum charge £25.00.

The fee for ECG excludes any additional fee that a cardiologist requires to provide ECG overread report.Not all ECG's require an ECG over read/review by cardiologist.

Prices may change at short notice.

The CAA in their guidance documents may require additional tests to more fully assess your fitness to fly, these tests may not be available on the NHS and may incur additional cost to you.

Please discuss with your GP as to whether the required test can be obtained on the NHS.

Payment Terms: payment by cash or digital banking only; on the day or within 7 calendar days of date of examination. Please note the medical certificate will only be issued on receipt of payment.

Specialist Examination fees: If the examination by Dr Mark F Nicol triggers additional specialist consultation by any other specialist eg cardiologist respiratory psychiatric, the applicant pilot/cabin crew is liable to pay all fees for that additional consultation & /or examination, test or report; as it may not be possible for your GP to arrange through the NHS.