Aviation Medical Exam Q&A

When can the medical be renewed?
Medicals can be renewed up to 45 days before current certificate expiry.

How do I book in?
email  info@aviationmedicalexamination.co.uk

To avoid disappointment, please appreciate I may not always be able to respond to phone calls the same day.

An online booking system is work in progress.

Which medicals can Mark provide?
CAA Class 2
CAA cabin crew medicals
FISO medical

Cabin crew medicals may be given a medical assessment form, from their employer, alternatively I can create one.

What medicals is Mark NOT authorised to provide?
EASA medicals.Due to Brexit I am no longer authorised to provide EASA medicals.The website will publish if and when I regain that authorisation.

What days are A M Exams typically offered? (please ask should you need another time /day)

Typically Friday afternoon, or Monday mornings, or other times by arrangement.

Where are the A M Exams conducted ?
The premises approved by CAA include:-

Based at Wilmslow-physio, 
20A Grove Street

Can Mark initiate treatment if required?
Although the A M Examiner is a regulatory role, Mark is happy to sign post you to the necessary doctor for further assessment or treatment.

Top Tips: What do I need to do before the AME?
Arrive well rested

Bring photo ID eg. driver licence or passport

Bring recent spectacles / contact lens eye prescription (which must be within 3 months of AMExam)-this item is the most commonly forgotten item by pilots attending the AME

Bring current / most recent medical certificate

Bring list of medications

Bring your pilots licence

Complete Medical Certificate Application MED160.pdf
[I will email this to you or google CAA Med160]

Bring payment (BACS payment preferred, cash or cheque accepted too)

What should I avoid doing prior to the AME?
do NOT exercise strenuously in preceding 24hr
do NOT eat a curry immediately prior to exam (this can affect the ECG)
do NOT drink too much caffeine prior to the exam
do NOT have very cold drinks prior to the ECG
do NOT empty your bladder immediately prior to examination (alternatively bring a fresh same day sample)
do NOT wear contact lenses during the examination
do NOT post correspondence/ cheques to The Alex. Hospital

Will anyone else be there?
1. I am happy to arrange a chaperone if you wish.

Please note the General Medical Council (GMC) Guidance which governs my practice:
The patient should be offered a ‘chaperone' during intimate examinations. This applies whether or not the Dr is same gender as the patient.

2.The GMC has recently issued guidance on mentoring and separately revalidation, so from time to time another doctor may observe and audit my service provision.

So what is examined?
It aims to be a thorough top to toe examination and is prescribed by the CAA ( I will email you the Medical Examination form that we work through together).

So typically height, weight, Urine test, Hearing, vision, chest and heart, heart tracing ECG, abdomen, joints, spine, mental state, blood test may be done to rule out anaemia, and lipid blood test may be indicated depending on risk of heart disease.

It should be noted that unless pilots conduct self examination of breasts / testes then the CAA also expect these to be examined.

How long does the examination take?

A pilot should allow 1hr for the examination, and cabin crew should allow 30 minutes for the examination, but please note the efficiency of that will depend on me receiving all requested documents from you in advance. 

Who else could see me, if I can’t get in to see Mark?
There are several other local A M Examiners:
Dr Ian Donnan, Dr John Wray, Dr Ed Byrne, Dr Mark Mackenzie, Dr Ian Wilson

I am an instrument rated class 2 pilot, can I arrange my own audiogram?
Yes. A written dated report from the audiologist needs to reflect hearing loss at 500Hz, 1 KHz, 2KHz, 3 KHz.

I am pleased to recommend the following audiologists:
Peter Jones is based in the Alexandra Hospital Cheadle (ph:0845838 5424).
Lee Thompson Amplifon, Wilmslow (ph: 0845 241 1982)

Please liaise with them regarding any associated costs.

These hearing tests should be done in advance of the A M E.
The paper reports may be brought by you or emailed to  info@aviationmedicalexamination.co.uk this email is only to be used for patient identifiable information

Does Mark keep my GP informed?
There may be occasion where further investigation of a problem requires the coordination of your GP.

Do I need to provide contact details for my GP?
If you are registered with a GP in the UK, then yes. I am however able to conduct medicals on foreign nationals seeking a UK medical licence even if not resident in the UK (for example a migrant worker who has spent several years in the UK and pursued recreational flying in that time). 

If you are registered with a GP in NHS in the UK, you have a right to have copy of your records. Some people have found it useful to compile their own “patient held record” which can be accessed across the world, an example being Microsoft Health vault. Because of current Information Governance laws I am not allowed to upload YOUR records to your health vault but will give you the records for YOU to upload.

Service to LAPLicence holder and GPs
If your GP needs to refer you to me please use this form
LAPL GP referral to AME form
Link: http://www.caa.co.uk/default.aspx?catid=49&pagetype=90&pageid=7099